of the Hotel
Jun 1905
Onyang Hot Spring Co. Ltd. operated the hot springs and established a hotel building
Nov 1926
Hotel acquired by Gyeongnam Railway Company
Aug 1945
Hotel acquired by Railway Bureau of US Army Military Government in Korea
Aug 1948
Hotel acquired by Railway Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation
Jun 1950
Hyepajeong and Shinjeonggwan Buildings burned down during the Korean War (only Shinjeongbi Stone Memorial and Yeonggoedae Pavilion remain)
Jul 1953
Ministry of Transportation transfers the hotel to private companies
May 1984
Yeonggoedae Pavilion designated as Chungcheongnam-do Cultural Heritage No. 228.
Shinjeongbi Stone Memorial designated as Chungcheongnam-do Cultural Heritage No. 229.
May 1991
Onyang Hot Spring Hotel established
Apr 2001
Hotel acquired by Daea Construction and tourism business registration renewed. Registration made under the name Daea Construction Co. Ltd. Onyang Hot Spring Hotel
Jul 2001
Branch closures change the registered name to Daea Construction Co. Ltd.
Dec 2002
Remodeling and construction of 34 rooms complete. Total number of rooms reach 113.
May 2002
Tourism business registration complete. Upgraded to a Class A-2 Tourist Hotel
Jun 2002
Hosted national soccer teams during 2002 World Cup Games Korea-Japan (Italy, Poland, and Costa Rica)
Oct 2003
Hosted executives and headquarters for 2002 National Sports Festival
Jul 2003
Corporation separation changes hotel name to Onyang Hot Spring Hotel Co., Ltd.
Jun 2006
61 extra rooms built, total room number reaches 175 (1 room remodeled), and a parking power with a capacity of 400 vehicles completed
Oct 2006
Restaurant (Korean and Western food) re-opens and fitness center expands.
Aug 2007
Hosted U-17 Soccer World Cup 2007 teams (FIFA and 9 countries including Germany, Argentina, Ghana, Nigeria)
May 2009
Hosted French and Korean national teams for 2009 World Volleyball League (Cheonan Games)
Oct 2010
Selected as the main hotel for 2010 Korean Tourism Conference
Apr 2011
Korean Restaurant Daecheongmaru opened
Oct 2011
Participated in a landmark program in Hanoi, Vietnam
Feb 2012
Signed MOU with Asan Spabis
Apr 2012
Expanded food and beverage business (business operated in Magok District)
Aug 2012
Maintained Class A-2 Tourist Hotel after assessment
Sep 2012
Hosted Sister City Ceremony between Asan and Dongguan
May 2013
Hosted teams participating in East Asian Club Handball Championship
Apr 2014
Signed cooperation MOU with Baekseok University
Jan 2015
Signed cooperation MOUs with Korean Police Investigation Academy and Police Training Institute
Mar 2015
Signed user MOU with Hyundai Steel
Jul 2015
Signed user MOU with Kookmin Bank and Shinhan Bank
Sep 2015
Signed cooperation MOU with KOICA
Oct 2015
Signed cooperation MOU with Korean National Police Agency
Feb 2016
Signed cooperation MOU with Korail
Jun 2016
Signed cooperation MOU with Korean National Police University
Oct 2016
Designated as the hotel to host National Sports Festival teams