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the values of the guests.

Onyang Hot Spring Hotel is happy to provide elegant
services for guests.

Thank you very much for visiting Onyang Hot Spring Hotel, with its thirteen centuries of history and tradition.

Hot spring at Onyang begins many centuries ago during Baekje Kingdom Era, going through the Joseon Dynasty Era until today, aggregating 1,300 years tradition. Onyang Hot Spring is the site of a temporary palace during Joseon Dynasty, built in order to heal kings, queens, and other members of the royal family, as well as tend to official business while enjoying a relaxing time of leisure.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Onyang Hot Spring was the best honeymoon site in Korea, and today it has developed into a cultural space that guests visit to heal their minds and bodies fatigued by their urban lifestyle, making it a place of well-being and healing.

Onyang Hot Spring Hotel sits on a European hotel garden established at the site of Onyang Temporary Palace, providing top-quality hot spring waters in baths, comfortable rooms with sophisticated designs, and excellent foods made by the best chefs. This magnificent hot spring hotel has been providing a unique set of services to satisfy customer values throughout its history.

Onyang Hot Spring Hotel will continue to engage in change and innovation to improve customer participation, customer values, and development of local culture, in order to grow into a world-class hotel.