The renaissance of hot spring culture! Onyang Temporary Palace was a space for the royal family of the Joseon dynasty to seek healing.

Onyang Hot Spring Hotel is a tourist accommodation located at the site of what used to be a magnificent palace.

At Onyang Temporary Palace, members of the royal family such as King Taejo to Prince Heungseon visited for treatment and healing of their mind and body. In particular, King Sejong the Great came down to this temporary palace to treat his chronic symptoms and administer civil servant examinations. In addition, renowned kings such as Sejo, Hyeonjong, and Yeongjo visited the palace for rest and conduct official business. In this palace, there used to be a memorial stone established by King Sejo who found the hot spring auspicious, as well as Yeonggoedae Pavilion, which commemorates Prince Sado, who used to practice martial arts here.

Onyang Temporary Palace Museum at Onyang Hot Spring Hotel exhibits a miniature diorama of the palace, designed from “Onyang Temporary Palace Map” in the historical records about the Royal Archives, in order to provide information about the magnificent history of hot spring at Onyang. The museum is located in front of the Hotel Auxiliary Building.