Hyeonchungsa Shrine (현충사)
Date 2017.03.02 | Writer 온양관광호텔


Hyeonchungsa Shrine, located in Asan-si, is the shrine of General Lee Sun-Shin (1545-1598). It was built in 1706, and named Hyeonchungsa Shrine the following year. In 1932 during the Japanese occupation, a treasure preservation committee was formed to protect the shrine. Afterward, the shrine was rebuilt by the government, its area greatly enlarged, and was further developed into a sacred place. 
The shrine contains Sipkyeongdo, a pictorial biography of general Lee Sun-Shin’s portrait and his life story. Nanjung Diary, designated National Treasure No. 76, his Long Sword, Treasure No. 326, and other treasures are displayed within the shrine as well, together with the old house he lived in, the arrow shooting range, and Geobuksun (turtle ship). When you enter the of Hyeonchungsa Shrine, Chungmu gate, you will see another gate called Hongsal Gate. Go past Hongsal Gate and you can see Lee Sun-Shin’s portrait, which was made with Korean Cheonggiwa tiles and iron-reinforced concrete. Inside the Gotaek Building is the Chungmujeong House, where Lee Sun-Shin spent his life until he was a young man. The newly added pond, Yeonji Pond, in Hyeonchungsa Shrine is also worth exploring.